Your Business could do with

  • Training Needs Analysis to review your training requirements.
  • Development of your training & coaching skills to increase staff performance.
  • Information, advice, guidance and support about Apprenticeship programs and the funding available.
  • Customer feedback surveys. (benchmark against your competitors)

Apprenticeships creating the workforce of the future

Apprenticeships are available for individuals aged 16 to 24 years who are not in full time education.

They offer a structured program that takes young people through the skills that they need to a do a job well.

How can Apprenticeships benefit my business?

  • 80% of employers who take on Apprentices agree that they increase workplace productivity.
  • Employers who take on a 16-18 year old Apprentice only pay their salary. The Government funds their training.
  • 88% of employers that take on Apprentices believe that Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce. Source: National Apprenticeship survey 2011.