Schools & Colleges

Do you have contract caterers running your catering? You may be considering starting your own catering in-house.
 We can help you plan that change and monitor the progress from our range of services:

Mentoring Service

Working alongside new staff/current staff up-skilling and monitoring performance.  Targeting weak skills improving performance.

Pre Opening and Set Up Service

New business set up for Training, Management and catering business.

Training Services

Food Safety, H & Safety, Personal Hygiene.

Purchasing Audit

Working alongside producing electronic commodity plans to evaluate purchasing process and savings.

Health, Safety and Hygiene Audit

Conducting audits to ensure compliance.

Quality Audit

As above.

Customer Attitude Survey

Manual or electronic customer surveys providing feedback on areas of growth or poor performance.

Personnel Audit 

Auditing the workforce needs and performance.

Stock Control

Training of stock control, cost savings, reduced stock levels.

Health and Safety Manual ( inc. training )

Compliance with H & S.

Food Safety Manual

Compliance with Food Safety.

Training Modules ( set of 8 )

Current Modules are: 
Customer Care
, Personal Hygiene
, Food Poisoning and the Law
, Safety at Work
, Cleaning and Disinfectation, 
Temperature Controls
, Food Contamination.

Contract Monitoring

Full Tender Management

Tender Management (assistance only)

Nutritional Standards Monitoring


Healthy Foods at reasonable prices

Stock Management


Management / Leadership

Mentoring & Coaching

Skills Analysis

Quality Assurance

Apprenticeships and funding

Bespoke training

Customer service surveys

New systems setup

New training set up

New premises set up

Customer service training

Careers advice

Careers advice is available on a one-to-one basis for students needing information, advice and guidance in preparation for the world of work, as well as adults looking for a change in direction or returning to work.